Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Lumineers Ophelia Noten, Akkorde

Get The Lumineers Ophelia Noten, Klavier Noten, Akkorde. Laden Sie die Punktzahl, lernen zu spielen, zu singen, zu sehen hier kostenlos Video-Tutorial, Lektion Abdeckung.

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Noten, Akkorde

Dies ist eine 6-seitige Partitur in F-Dur. Es wurde für Tastatur und Stimme im Bereich von D4-A5 angeordnet.

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The Lumineers Fotos

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The Lumineers dance in the street in 'Ophelia' video

The first single from 'Cleopatra' comes before a world tour...

The Lumineers frontman Wesley Schultz claims he "learned tips on how to dance" to the video to new single 'Ophelia', removed from forthcoming album 'Cleopatra'.

“For the background music video Ophelia, our close friend Issac Ravishankara, who directed the Stubborn Love music video from your first record, brought us cure that involved me dancing inside streets whilst it was raining so I was required to learn choreography to the first time within my life," Schultz said. "I learned how you can dance just for this music video."

Schultz is talking up new album 'Cleopatra', and that is due on April 8, plus the writing process behind the tracks:

"The record is our greatest hits reflecting what’s happened to us during the last three years. We attemptedto come up with the perfect version of the song, and then we recorded lots of different iterations, changing the tempos, dressing 'em up, stripping ‘em down," he stated. Check Ophelia sheet music page.

"It took plenty of work to cause them to become sound simple. We’re very obsessed with the process. It was an exceptionally intense and exquisite experience. There was many battling, lots of tears, but a majority of amazing stuff was released, as well as the end, we had been much better off. It transformed our relationship."

The new track has recently gained a lot more than two million Spotify streams.

“We took a similar approach on this occasion as we did while using first album, recording demos in a house we rented from the original Denver neighbourhood where we first moved,” Schultz said.

'Ophelia' by The Lumineers

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Friday, July 15, 2016

Demi Lovatos 'Freedom' From Ex

Demi Lovato is enjoying her new-found freedom after shifting from a six-year romance.

The singer split from actor boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama earlier this summer (16), plus it doesn't appear as if she's wallowing in heartbreak and self-pity as she and pal Nick Jonas continue their joint North American tour.

"I feel really amazing," she tells U.S. radio host Elvis Duran. "I feel really great and I'm growing. My life is merely really, really exciting in my opinion because I'm growing. It's new and fresh, and I be happy. Check Alessia Cara Scars from Your Beautiful music notes page.

"My our life is in the middle of many changes at the moment and I don't have a house currently, so I'm actually type of living beyond a suitcase and so on the road, so my tour bus is my home at this time!"

And she admits Jonas is assisting her through any heartbreak, adding, "He's certainly one of my close friends, and we get to go out every single day, in order that it just helps it be that much more pleasurable.

"This is among the most funnest tour I've ever experienced. Sometimes you obtain on tour along with to make it by far the most fun tour, but that one is accidentally becoming the very best tour of playing."

Reports have suggested Jonas had been the one who came between Demi and Wilmer, however the Jealous singer was quick to shoot on the gossip.

"Demi's among my closest friends, we're like family and I also love Wilmer to death," he stated on Watch What Happens Live! a few weeks ago (Jun16). "We've become very close in the very last couple years, so far from the truth.

"(It's) fair to convey that (I hope) both find happiness and therefore are both happy that is all that matters."

Stone Cold by Demi Lovato

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Rihanna Calls It Quits for First Lollapalooza Festival

Colombia’s first Lollapalooza festival has become cancelled after Rihanna reportedly dropped out over Zika virus fears.

An unannounced singer was scheduled to carry out at the South American event alongside Lana Del Rey, Disclosure and Wiz Khalifa, but pulled out for the last minute leaving organisers little time to find a replacement. Check Sledgehammer sheet music by Rihanna here.

The festival shared the disappointing news on Sunday but would not mention which act was behind deciding. Local Colombian sources, notably RCN Radio and La Tercera, are reporting Rihanna’s name but she actually is yet to discuss the speculation. The Independent is awaiting an answer from her representatives.

Lollapalooza Colombia issued the next statement (coded in Spanish) to ticket-holders: “Following the cancellation in the headliner hours prior to a announcement in the line-up, ultimately causing major difficulties in locating a suitable replacement, festival organisers have already been forced to cancel the initial Lollapalooza Colombia.

“The organisers would like to express their deep appreciation to everyone the fans who supported the festival since the beginning, and also the sponsors and media partners. We hope another in the future to grasp this first edition of Lollapalooza in the united states.”

Lollapalooza began as being a touring event in 1991 before settling in Chicago in 2005 and expanding outside from the US really. Festivals have become held in Chile, Argentina, Germany and Brazil. Ticket-holders for your Colombia festival, scheduled for 17-18 September in Bogota, will likely be offered refunds.

The Zika virus has sparked concern worldwide, with Colombia your second most-affected country after Brazil in accordance with Time magazine’s statistics. The illness is linked to birth defects in unborn children and may cause the rare nerve disorder Giullain-Barre syndrome. The NHS states that it's spread primarily by mosquitoes and it is only a “mild” infection in the majority of people.

Rihanna Sledgehammer Piano Notes, Sheet Music, Chords

Playing Rihanna Sledgehammer sheet music, chords, piano notes has never been easier. Download, print the score and start in minutes.

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Sheet Music, Chords, Score

This is a 7-page score arranged for keyboard, voice/vocals and guitar.

Sledgehammer Piano Lesson, Tutorial, Cover

Rihanna Pics

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Friday, July 1, 2016

Fans Wondering is Calvin Harris' 'This is What You Came For' Was Written By Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris' relationship could possibly have come into a bitter end recently, but Tayvin fans continue to be stretching to have their love alive in any respect they can.

Right now, they're finding hope in "This is What You Came For," Calvin's single featuring Rihanna that dropped shortly before Tayvin split. Earlier this week, the Twitterverse was rife with speculation that Taylor was really featured for the song, believing a number of the "oooh"s within the song sounded nearly the same as Tay.

Now some fans take things a stride further, and speculating that Taylor helped Calvin Harris write the song.

No one knows the place that the rumor started exactly, but there are some clues that fans believe prove the truth is.

Exhibit A: At some point, the Wikipedia entry for "TIWYCF" listed Taylor being a co-writer.

It was eventually changed to your writer named Nils Sjöberg .

Now, Wikipedia is simply by no means a trusted source for songwriting credits since it is easily edited by trolls, there is however more for this conspiracy...

Exhibit B: Fans believe Nils Sjöberg is surely an alias Taylor uses to post pop songs.

Exhibit C: Who is Nils Sjöberg?!

If Nils Sjöberg is surely an actual person, he's an elusive and mysterious one.

I did a rapid Google search and learned that there can be an actual artist named Nils Sjöberg available, but he isn't the one who writes songs with Calvin Harris. This Nils thinks it's hilarious that men and women think he's secretly Taylor.

The only other notable Nils is often a Swedish poet. I could maybe see him being the one that helped Calvin write the song... if he didn't die in 1822. There's also a Swedish gymnast named Nils S., but that ain't him either.

Considering it's pretty not easy to track down the true, songwriting Nils Sjöberg, it's obvious why fans are hoping it's really a pen reputation for Taylor.

One must wonder why Taylor would create an alias to hide the fact that she wrote a song with your ex then boyfriend. It doesn't look like something worth concealing.

'This is What You Came For' Official Video