Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Rihanna Calls It Quits for First Lollapalooza Festival

Colombia’s first Lollapalooza festival has become cancelled after Rihanna reportedly dropped out over Zika virus fears.

An unannounced singer was scheduled to carry out at the South American event alongside Lana Del Rey, Disclosure and Wiz Khalifa, but pulled out for the last minute leaving organisers little time to find a replacement. Check Sledgehammer sheet music by Rihanna here.

The festival shared the disappointing news on Sunday but would not mention which act was behind deciding. Local Colombian sources, notably RCN Radio and La Tercera, are reporting Rihanna’s name but she actually is yet to discuss the speculation. The Independent is awaiting an answer from her representatives.

Lollapalooza Colombia issued the next statement (coded in Spanish) to ticket-holders: “Following the cancellation in the headliner hours prior to a announcement in the line-up, ultimately causing major difficulties in locating a suitable replacement, festival organisers have already been forced to cancel the initial Lollapalooza Colombia.

“The organisers would like to express their deep appreciation to everyone the fans who supported the festival since the beginning, and also the sponsors and media partners. We hope another in the future to grasp this first edition of Lollapalooza in the united states.”

Lollapalooza began as being a touring event in 1991 before settling in Chicago in 2005 and expanding outside from the US really. Festivals have become held in Chile, Argentina, Germany and Brazil. Ticket-holders for your Colombia festival, scheduled for 17-18 September in Bogota, will likely be offered refunds.

The Zika virus has sparked concern worldwide, with Colombia your second most-affected country after Brazil in accordance with Time magazine’s statistics. The illness is linked to birth defects in unborn children and may cause the rare nerve disorder Giullain-Barre syndrome. The NHS states that it's spread primarily by mosquitoes and it is only a “mild” infection in the majority of people.

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